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Post  Mr_Grumble on Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:31 pm

The halflings of Mill Brew, lying in the Western Hills beyond Thermain, claim that it is the original homeland of halflings in Irithia. Although other halflings may disagree with this, it is true that Mill Brew was settled hundreds of years ago. Mill Brew's history is one of invasion and subjugation. In every case, the invaders were eventually defeated because they made the mistake of underestimating the halflings due to their small stature. A good bit of mischief, mayhem, and general trouble-making by the halflings also helped end the occupations. Currently, Mill brew is enjoying unprecedented prosperity. The halflings are currently taking advantage of their relationship with the nation of Paramon; their biggest customer of traded goods. Also, through these close ties with Paramon, Mill Brew has protected itself against further invasions.


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